Thursday, November 06, 2008

So far so good

Hanging out at the hospital with Marci and Riley. Had a great day today. I got here about 1:30 or so and what do I see? Riley cruising down the halls with Marci and a friend. He's been Mr. Peppy today, pretty much back to normal.

He had a swallow study done this afternoon where we were able to see an X-ray view of him eating and swallowing. It was pretty neat to see, but unfortunately he's still aspirating (liquids and food going into his airway instead of all the way down his throat). At this point, we're not sure what we'll do, but the specialists were saying he may need a tube in his nose to throat for liquid intake. Great.

Haley has been a super trooper this whole time. I feel bad sticking her with Nana and Papa only, but she's been handling it well and she may earn a big-time treat when we all get home.

Marci has been a super duper trooper this whole time. She's been at Rye's side non-stop. She's had one shower in 4 days. She's probably slept less than 10 hours the past 2 nights. And through it all, she's been strong, inquisitive, patient and compassionate. I know I couldn't do it.

Work has been pretty good. It's been busy, but we've been doing some house cleaning and organizing. Through it all, Ed and Rich have been studs and I am grateful for that. It's nice to be able to trust my co-workers again.

I have a lot to be thankful for these days. The relief I felt yesterday after surgery was palpable. I had no idea how stressed I was until after the surgery. And now to see Rye pretty much back to normal mentally (and seemingly almost physically) is pretty incredible. I mean, this kid had BRAIN SURGERY just over 48 hours ago and it just seems like he's got a cold or something.

People are always saying how resilient kids are and I guess it's really true.