Monday, November 17, 2008


Can I just say, "ugh"?

After losing two employees, doing payroll for them was not a lot of fun. I am done, thankfully, and I hope that's that.

Not only that, the bright sun is beating down on the desk across from me and is *perfectly* reflecting right into my eyes.

More complaining? Sure! I'm hungry and am don't want to go out to lunch again. And I took apart my cell phone to clean it today and may have messed it up a little.

What else? I get to play music tonight. Not a complaint, but going to T-town is never too exciting. At least it's not pouring rain.

On the flip side, a bunch of people from church came over yesterday and helped us make our yard less embarrassing. They donated their time and muscles, tools and gasoline, to clear a bunch of leaves and debris. The yard looks a lot nicer and we love them for the help.

So that's good.

I'm just ready for this "economy" to turn around. I'm ready for business to pick up. I'm ready to have some good things happen.

That is all.