Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gigs gigs and more gigs

What's with the once a week posts? I don't know! I guess I've been busy. Lame excuse, but true, I suppose.

I wanted to throw down a music update. You wanted gigs? I got your gigs right here:

1. Jan 30 at the New Frontier in Tacoma. Lund Bros releasing our brand spankin' new CD, Songbook IV, with our old friends, Girl Trouble.

2. Feb 8 at the Comet on Capitol Hill. It's the Scheme and some other bands on a Sunday night.

3. Feb 13 at the Mars Bar on Eastlake. Lund Bros, Llama, Guns n Rossetti and the Riffbrokers doing our big Seattle CD release. That should be a whole bunch of funs!

4. Feb 21 at the Mars Bar on Eastlake. It's the Scheme again and I have no idea with whom.

I have rehearsals in between and it's all good. I also had a huge inspiration for a cover for the Lunds and I to do. I think we could totally pull it off, and even ask a guest to play rhythm guitar for us. All the bands we play with do covers and they're killer. Small Change > Faces "Stay With Me", Sgt. Major > Cheap Trick "Hello There", I Love Myselfs > Uriah Heep "Stealin'" (I think). Could Lund Bros. be in there with this song I'm thinking of? I think so. We'll see what happens.

Thanks again to Byron for the quick posters. He's the best!