Friday, January 30, 2009

Behold! The Pukeapocaplyse may be upon us!

Uh oh.

Yesterday, Riley decided to get up early so he could take Haley to school with Marci. He held his friend, Erin's, hand the whole time.

We got a call last night saying Erin had the stomach flu and hadn't puked yet... oh wait, she did right when we were on the phone.

Today seemed ok. Until Marci just called me and said that her friend's daughter, who went to Seattle with Marci, Haley, and Riley, for Marci's doctor's appointment (still with me?)






I am at home, leisurely blogging and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the puke filled Pilot. I guess if Riley didn't have the stomach flu, he (and everyone else) is bound to get it now.