Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random thoughts


It's been busy. Service is busier than ever, but I think that's mainly due to a manpower shortage. Rich has been an absolute stud, though, working hard, staying late, dealing with customers and generally being my MVP.

Things are tricky, though. Money's tight and there's no real relief in sight. Though with some developments that may soon be happening, my monthly expenses may decrease by $1000 or so, so that's good.

I just started working with a new accountant and was very enthused by what he did with me yesterday. I'm looking forward to that continuing.

Here's hoping things start turning around soon.


Everything is kind of same old, same old. Though, already this year, we've been to the Seattle Center and Seattle Aquarium, in consecutive weekends. I think that's a record of some sort. Riley is healing up nicely. Two months in and so far so good. He hasn't been cleared to drink regular liquids yet, but (don't tell) I snuck him a couple sips of root beer float the other night. Shh!

After our big ass snow delays and stuff, I thought Haley would have a miserable time going back to school. So far, she's been great. Then again, I'm usually still asleep when Marci takes her to school, so what do I know?

I was telling someone about Hay today and said she'd be 7 in April.

Come again? Seven in April? Holy cow, my little girl is growing up!

She's becoming a little math whiz. Reading is another issue. She's a little lazy, I think, and she gets discouraged way too easy, but I'm sure it'll come around soon.

Marci's been keeping herself busy with keeping the kids and I healthy and well. She runs herself ragged, but it's who she is and what she does and I learned to just let her be. I just get in the way!

Me? I've been goofing around here and there. I'm geeked for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS to start this Friday. 9pm on NBC. Watch it and thank me later.

I've gotten back into Rock Band, thanks to our friends, who recently discovered it. On a whim, I plugged in my drumset (which I thought was bad) into my computer and, lo and behold, it worked! I got my game back from Knight and all is well again. Me and the kids are able to rock out and it's a good time for all.


The Lunds and I have been on a pretty regular (for us!) practice schedule the past few weeks. We also have a few shows lined up, finally! We'll be playing on 1/30 in Tacoma at a new club called the New Frontier Lounge. We're trying to get a few bands commit and then I'll post the details. It'll be our South End CD Release!

On 2/13, we'll play our Seattle CD Release at the Mars Bar. Joining us will be the Riffbrokers and Guns & Rossetti. It's a small club, but it'll be intimate and loud, so it'll be fun. Here's hoping we get off to a nice start playing and that the gigs keep on coming.

I had a gig with the Scheme a few weekends ago at the Skylark. We've been rehearsing and have a show lined up for February. We still have yet to master the live show, I think. Rehearsals are one thing, but we get a little geeked live. It'll be nice once we can settle into a routine there.

The other night, I goofed around a little on our synthesizer/keyboard in the basement. For years growing up, I took piano lessons. I was ok, but stopped playing. Luckily, the lessons taught me how to read music and that's something I can still do (though not as quickly!). Anyway, we have some old piano books and I've played a few songs the past few nights. It's rough, but it's doable and, it's kind of fun! I'll have to keep at that and see what I can do.

Not much excitement happening around here these days. I've been reading some other blogs online and they pick a topic, then write an interesting blog around it. Funny, insightful and good to read. I can't seem to write about anything but my boring life.

Ah, well. It's not so bad, I suppose!