Sunday, August 09, 2009

Orange fleece sweats

We went over to Mom's house today. She had a big ol' bag of Dad's old clothes she wanted me to try on/give away. Dad was a pretty flashy dresser. He liked bold colors. Yellow, red, green, pretty much all the primary ones.

In this big bag was a pair of orange fleece sweatpants. Bright orange. I don't recall ever seeing Dad in them and I wasn't too keen on them. Riley, however, put them right on, pulled the waistband up to his shoulders and walked around. I had no camera, but it was pretty funny. Haley found a purple pair and did the same thing. She looked like Barney.

We ended up bringing a few things home and Riley had those horrible orange sweats with him. After a shower, he was pestering us about what to wear to bed (he likes to know what temperature to expect so he can dress accordingly). He started to almost cry (I thought he was tired and frustrated because we wouldn't tell him how to dress) and said, "I keep thinking of Tai Yeh," which is what he called Dad.

He then said he wanted to sleep with the sweats because they reminded him of his grandfather. I asked him why, and he said, "They smell like Tai Yeh."

I took a sniff.

Sure enough, they smell just like Dad. LOL. Now, I don't know if Mom just took them from the closet and didn't wash them and it's the smell of the house, or if she washed them and put them in the bag and it's the smell of her laundry. But, dammit, if those sweats don't smell just like Dad.

I had Haley smell them and she agreed, but she's still having some trouble with Dad being gone, so she just wanted a small whiff. I took a few more smells and it was uncanny.

Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool tonight.