Friday, August 07, 2009

Screaming and yelling, screaming and yelling

What is with all the screaming and yelling?

Haley had a nice day today. We all went on a walk with Bella and it was great. Marci got to spend a few hours one on one with Haley and they went to lunch and ran some errands. Afterward, they came back and Haley, Riley and I watched The Iron Giant as a little summertime movie treat. We had a nice dinner, bath and then it was storytime...

And then the wheels fell off.

Haley just started apologizing for something. "I'm SORRY!!!" Thing was, she wouldn't tell us what she was apologizing for. This went on for a little while. It escalated until she was pretty much out of control. She was (and still has been) screaming, hyperventilating, crying, etc., and simply won't tell us what it is she's apologizing for.

I went in her room for about 20 minutes, doing my best not to lose it. I told her to tell me what was bugging her. She made some stuff up. I tried to question my way around what was bugging her but she wouldn't tell me. She started coming up with excuses why she didn't want to tell us. I told her it was starting to become an issue of trust; if I couldn't believe or trust what she was saying, that could lead to big problems down the road.

I gave her a few more minutes with the hopes that she'd say something, but she'd just hyperventilate some more and say, "But, but, but, but," and not say anything at all. She started an old trick of hers, saying that all she needed was a hug and I told her that I had a big problem giving her a hug when she was in this state. I told her I had to go take a breather and suggested she do the same. So I'm here, venting, taking a breather, hearing her wailing a bit and hoping that she'll be calm when I go back upstairs.

I think I'll give her about 5 more minutes. What is it with 7 year olds??