Friday, January 08, 2010

Had a run in with Johnny Law today

Though I had nothing to do with it.

Yesterday after a doctor's appointment at UW Physicians in Factoria, I drove through their parking lot and saw something I thought I might shoot for my Project 365. I jumped out of the car, snapped some pictures, jumped back in the car and continued my adventure.

Ultimately, I didn't use any of those shots and thought nothing of them until today.

Marci called as I was out and about and told me that we got a little visit from Bellevue's Finest. Apparently where I was taking pictures yesterday, someone saw me and was coming out to talk to me when I jumped in the car and took off.

I didn't see anyone, but he thought I was being suspicious or something, so he took down my plate and called the cops.

Anyway, the place I took pictures of was the Honda of Bellevue parking lot. There were a bunch of Civics or something backed in and I thought it would be a cool shot.

The police officer thought it was pretty funny. I guess she asked Marci if there was any reason I'd be photographing the lot. Marci told her that I am obsessed with photography and that was why I was shooting photos. The officer laughed and suggested Marci tell me to "tone it down" a little.

I'm guessing if the guy at Honda had gotten to me, I'd explain what was going on. Supposedly they've been having or just had cars stolen/vandalized/messed with and thought the perp would TAKE PICTURES OF THE CRIME SCENE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

All in all, kind of funny. Though when Marci called, I was wondering what I did in Georgetown today to merit a visit from the po-po.

Big whoop, right?