Sunday, March 07, 2010

Camera update

Well, so far so good. I did some troubleshooting today and found some tips regarding yesterday's ERR 99. Apparently it is a kind of "catch all" error, meaning that it's nothing specific, but it's still an error that needs to be reported. According to websites out there, it can be caused by a CF card, battery, shutter, lens contacts, and other things.

I tried messing with the CF and battery and that didn't seem to do anything. Then I tried using a pencil eraser (as advised!) to wipe down the contacts on the lens and the camera body. At first I used a yellow eraser and that didn't seem to work. Camera was still dead and I was still panicking. After that failure, I tracked down a pencil with a standard red eraser. Did the erasing and a different battery. That seemed to do the trick! I've been able to take more pictures tonight than I did yesterday and this afternoon and so far, it seems to be working. (Please, please!)

Time will tell, I suppose. Here's a shot from today to prove that it works. Get ready for something amazing.

I guess we need to dust...