Thursday, June 23, 2016

New watch: Citizen NY2300-09G

Sometime last week, I entered a contest on a watch website I frequent, On that forum, I've become a frequent poster in F71, otherwise known as the Affordable Watches forum. Every once in a while, when a member hits a milestone of posts about watches (it's up to the poster), they'll do a contest.

In this case, a member named KrisOK started a contest where the prize was a Citizen NY2300 automatic diver watch with a Pepsi bezel. He posted some pictures and I liked how the watch looked. He wanted us posters to note that we wouldn't flip the watch (worth about $90-120) and explain how we got into watches in the first place. He said he would choose a winner at random. Here's what I posted:
Brother, I would wear that with pride. I can't promise it to be an everyday wear, but it would make its way to the top of the rotation, for sure.
I've worn watches since at least high school. I wish I had photos of the ones I had back then. I remember a Patek Philipe homage of some sort I got from my folks when they visited Taiwan.

I remember Casios, both digital, analog and digi-analog. I remember a green Timex digital, likely an Expedition of some sort.

I got my first "real" watch when I got married. In fact, I got two. One was a Rolex from my parents. It was gold and beautiful, but not my style. The other was an Omega Seamaster, which was given to me by a family friend. That became my daily wear for 14 years or so. During that timespan, I did get a Timex Ironman ana-digi (the one that Will Ferrell wore in "Stranger than Fiction") and that made it in the rotation for a bit.

Even so, I wasn't "into" watches; I just wore them to tell the time.

About 2 years ago, I started talking to a guy at work who always had a different watch on. He told me about a "world" of "watches" website, so I started looking there. Like a previous poster, I had no clue about the markup on watches and thought these deals were fantastic. As well as the ability to pay $30/month for a few months for a watch. I never did buy a watch from there, though, just started looking.

Then, through the power of the internet, I discovered WUS. I started reading and researching and really found a home here on F71.

As I had a birthday coming up, I took that occasion to purchase myself a Casio EFM-100 diver, orange bezel, incredible bracelet, off of eBay. That started me down this path. I've probably purchased between 20-30 watches since then, sold 10-15 of them, and have settled on my current rotation of 16. I've given my 11 year old son my Casio Royale (on a red/blue NATO!), my wife a Timex Weekender chrono and a Withings Activite Pop, and my daughter my pair of Old Navy specials (2 field watches found for $5.98 each).

This year, I started a Project 365 for watches. I've posted many of them here at WUS in the WRUW threads, but I have every watch I've worn since 1/1/16 in a photo album at Flickr. (

I am on F71 several times daily, perusing the WRUW threads, the epic "Is there no love for Timex" thread, Huunuu's "$20 and under" thread, and many many others. The respect, obsession, humor, dorkiness, and passion we all have for our timepieces (and each other) is what keeps me coming back.
A week or so passed and I checked into the thread from time to time. There were a lot of cool stories about how people became enamored with watches. A few days later, I got an email notification from Usually I get these when I'm selling a watch or something. I had forgotten about the contest.

Needless to say, I won! KrisOK had used a random number generator website and out of 63 entries, my lucky number 18 won the watch! It just showed up today, and I had the pleasure of opening it up when I got home from work. Here are some photos.

A nice note from KrisOK

He had this thing wrapped nicer than watches I've purchased!

Free microfiber cloth and more bubble wrap.

He also gave a soft denim NATO strap along with the watch itself.

Brand new Citizen NY2300-09G, unworn!

Watch and tag.

Tried to put it on, but couldn't. Check the buckle. :)

After a quick strap flip, the time is set and the watch is on!

The stock, rubber strap.

Super stoked for this watch!
So there you have it, the new Citizen on the wrist. Other things I loved about winning this watch:
  • I don't have any Citizens, so this is my first!
  • I don't have a Pepsi diver, so this is my first! I've been eyeing a Seiko SKX009, but never got around to getting one.
  • KrisOK found it too small for his wrist. I think it's perfect for my little wrist!
  • Getting a free denim NATO.
Now I need to plan for my giveaway. I'm coming up on 1000 posts as well and I'm looking forward to paying it forward.