Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Car woes

My pride and joy, my little red GTI, seems to be having some issues. For some time now, it's kind of wheezed when I start it in the morning. Sounds like there's some sort of leak somewhere. It would also lurch, sometimes pretty badly, when cold, right after starting. A buddy of mine with a GTI had the same problem and he had his fuel injectors cleaned. Fixed 'er right up. But for $125, Homey don't play dat. I went the po' man's method. Bought a $11.99 bottle of cleaner from Chevron, dumped it in, and crossed my fingers. So far so good. The lurches are much less now.

I also get a ton of Check Engine lights. At least one every two weeks. According to the dealer, to hook my car up to their diag machine is $90 bucks. $90 BUCKS! For something that probably takes them all of 30 seconds. Plug. Press Button. Read Display. $90 Please. So, needless to say, I haven't had it checked yet.

A common problem for my car is that if the gas cap isn't tightened *just right*, you get the Check Engine light. Sometimes retightening the cap works, but most times, the light just goes off by itself. One of these days, I'll buy a 6 pack for someone to hook me up to their personal VAG-COM and see what's wrong.

Today, on my way home, I had the window down and it started to rain. I pressed the switch to close the window and heard a loud clunk. The window stopped in its tracks. I knew immediately what it was as many VWs have this problem. The window regulator went out. The window stopped, about 1/3rd of the way up. I reached over and *poof*. Down it went into the door. *sigh*

I'm still under warranty, so the window regulator will be replaced. As far as the Check Engine thing? They say that's not covered under warranty, so they won't even check without charging. I may have them replace my gas cap for shits and giggles, though. And the leak? Last time I was there, they said it was something starting to fail(I forget what), but that it was still functional and to get it replaced under warranty, it had to completely fail. LAME!

I'll take it in maybe Thursday and see what the hell's going on.