Saturday, June 04, 2005

Saw a show last night

I went up to Kenmore last night and caught up with my old band, Starchief. Brett has surrounded himself with a new band since me and Nelson both left him :(. He has a guy named Tim on drums, a guy named Matt on bass and a gal named Jessica on backing vocals, tambourine and sex appeal.

Actually, Brett's pretty dang hot himself. And as a straight guy, I have no problem saying that. Because it's the truth. He is fine. Seriously. But I digress.

Brett's played with these 4 for about 3-4 rehearsals and it showed a bit, but they started pretty strong. I was most impressed with Tim, the drummer. His style was much more rock-oriented than Nelson's was. He had some flair, but lacked the solid time that Nelson had. Jessica told me it was her first show ever (other than karaoke and choirs), but she did ok. There were moments where it was evident that she couldn't hear herself, but overall, the drunks in the crowd could care less as she was wearing a low-cut tank.

Due to some domestic issues at home, this might have been Brett's last gig for awhile. Hopefully he can iron things out soon and continue. I think the band he's recruited is a solid foundation to build upon.