Friday, June 10, 2005

Watching old videos

So I dusted off some old band videos from a few years ago. Me and Rob and Johnny, aka Ethyl, back in 02. I made a habit of taping a lot, for learning purposes (on what NOT to do), and for archival purposes. Now it's 05 and what are we doing? I'm playing with the Lund Bros., Johnny is playing with Poor Kids Without Cable in Prescott, AZ, and Rob, sadly, is out of music, making a career for himself in insurance.

Which, frankly, is a cryin' damn shame.

I was so moved by watching an Ethyl video a few weeks ago that I had to call him and let him know how great we were together. He played with such purpose and authority that it made the rest of us great.

Tonight I was going through some tapes to find ones I could tape over for my gig tomorrow with the Lunds and found this tape of us playing in August of 02. Not our best gig, but still, we had a lot of fun together. Rob was usually dead on when starting a song. Occasionally he'd push the beat, but, for the most part, everything was solid. And he was such a fun drummer to watch. No over-the-top histrionics, just solid playing.

I wish he was still playing (it sounds like he's dead) today. He's just too good not to. But he moved to the sticks and it's a PITA to commute to rehearse, let alone work. Not that I don't like playing with my current drummer and gig, but me and Rob had a good thing going. 5 or so years of playing together will do that to you.

I keep saying that one day I'll dump all our videos to DVD (which is actually a lot of work) and send 'em to my boys. I think they'd like that.