Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Music news you can use

Not much happening right now with the LB. We took last week off but will get together tomorrow for 5 New Songs! Well, new to me, anyway.

The gig at Panamonica's went pretty good. When we got there, though, there was some dispute as to which band would go first, us or Shimmer. Of course the guy who booked the show was not in attendance. Luckily, Shimmer was kind enough to let us play first. I think the fact that they were playing a 90 minute set on Sunday afternoon helped too.

We played 25 out of 26 songs we'd rehearsed. Overall performance from 1-10, I'd give a 5. I think we played average. We all made mistakes, but we also all played very inspired at times.

Both Chris and Sean have great stage presence. Chris, since he's not tied to a drum kit, has the Rock Guitar God moves down. Pretty cool stuff.

Sadly, my mic was turned way down and my superb backing vocals could barely be heard. Bummer.

As of now, the next Lund Bros. show is in Los Angeles in August. We have some pending dates in August as well (in Seattle, no less!), so hopefully I'll have something to report soon.