Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Home improvements

This past weekend we stripped wallpaper from our kitchen walls. Whoever made wallpaper adhesive should burn in hell. Why the heck does it have to be so tough to remove? On TV, they saturate it with fabric softener and it peels off like skin from a banana. For us, we ended up shredding it with our fingernails.

Well, not really.

We used a chisel-like scraper to get most of it off. But much of it was left to picking and picking. Quite a pain. Then we painted. 2 coats. But, luckily, it was only 2 walls so it didn't take too long.

Come Tuesday, we had an appointment with some flooring people. After Marci met with her, we ended up committing to two bathrooms (both had carpet; with 2 toddlers, ICK!), the hallway, kitchen and entry floors.

Wednesday (today), two guys started work. That was at 10:00am or so. Right now, it's 9:22pm and they're still here. Me and the kids are holed up downstairs in the basement. Riley is asleep and Haley is goofing off, trying to sleep. I have to take a dump, but our bathrooms upstairs are out of order and I don't want to leave Haley by herself with a sleeping Riley.

So I wait.


How about Hurricane Katrina. Holy shit. I read about a woman who moved from Florida to N.O. to escape hurricanes. Whoops.


Music. What's going on? Got the new Juliana Hatfield CD in the mail. Not bad. Rocks a bit more than her previous outing, In Exile Deo, which is not a bad thing. Musically for me, nothing is going on right now. My band is on a break as Sean on drums is on a road trip. He'll be back in time for our gig next Wednesday, though. In Tacoma on the 7th? Come on down to Jazzbones!


Man. The dust from the floor work is KILLING me. Sneezy and stuffy. Not fun. Kids are finally asleep, though, and in 20 minutes, I'll get to see who is eliminated from Rock Star:INXS!