Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Monday at the Rendezvous

Well, it wasn't quite the Seattle debut we'd hoped for, but, at the
very least, we got our foot in the door.

We played pretty well, I thought. The Rendezvous, for those that
don't know, is an OLD bar that happens to have a theater attached to
it. Apparently there's some historical significance to the theater
(called the Jewelbox, as it's pretty small) as they used to play
movies and shows in it way back when. These days they play movies
and shows and have rock bands.

We got to go first as Chris and Sean made the 40+ mile trek up from
Tacoma, the City of Destiny! In all, I thought we played better than
we did in Los Angeles. The songs seemed to flow better and I don't
think there was as much pressure. Sadly, there were only 7 people
there to witness the greatness of last night (8 if you count Jeff,
the sound guy).

Matt, the guy who gave us the show, seemed to be pretty impressed
with us (or at least he was impressed that we played for Michael
Keaton in L.A.). Hopefully this gig springboards us to some other
cool gigs. Apparently Matt picks 4 bands from his New Music Monday
gigs and gives them a Thursday showcase once a month at Neumo's.
Now, that would be HOT.

Here's hoping word starts getting out about our little band and
people start coming to see us.

You can't keep a good band down!!