Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Stuff about music

On the way home tonight, Rockin' the Paradise by Styx came on my mp3 player. I got to thinking how much I loved Styx when I was younger which got me to thinking about the music I've loved/enjoyed throughout my life. Here's a timeline of my musical tastes throught the years. Share yours.

The first record I ever bought:

Cornerstone by Styx

My dad belonged to Columbia house or something and that was one of the 12 records we got for a penny. Why did I choose it? I liked the cover. I think I was about 8 at the time.

As I got older (think 10-12) I was TOTALLY into top-40 music. The funny thing was, top-40 music then was kind of cool. I remember taping Van Halen's Hot For Teacher off the local radio station's top-10 show. Ghostbusters, the song, was popular then, too. So popular, that a local radio station made a lame ass, Seahawk-themed parody of it called Raider-busters (the Seahawks and Raiders were big AFC West rivals in 1984).

In middle school, I really got into Bryan Adams and Huey Lewis and the News (especially with their BttF exposure).


I loved those tapes.


As I got older, I discovered Rock Music. No more top-40 stuff, though it did take me years to figure out what I liked. In high school I got exposed to bands like the Police, Steve Miller Band, Replacements, Rush (!), Queensryche, among others. At the time, I was about a year or so into playing bass. I'd heard Tom Sawyer before (about 5 years prior), but never "got" it. Back then, I remember a friend of mine requesting to hear Tom Sawyer and Queen's Another One Bites The Dust on the radio. But I digress.

For some reason I became OBSESSED with Rush. I started with Hold Your Fire, definitely not their finest effort, but my first real exposure to Rush.

I also started getting into classic rock (WTF??). I joined a Columbia House club and got stuff by the Doobie Brothers, Steve Miller Band, Boston and SRV. At the same time, I was delving into some hair rock. Stuff by Tesla and White Lion, Van Halen, Winger, Mr. Big (my first concert was Mr. Big opening for Winger at the Paramount in Seattle). And let's not forget the guitar gods, Satriani and Steve Vai. I also discovered a bass god named Stu Hamm (had him sign a CD even).

Even with all that music, I would gravitate towards Rush. I remember getting their seminal live recording, Exit... Stage Left

and wearing out the << and >> buttons on my tape player to learn bass parts to the solo section in Freewill and La Villa Strangiato.


In college I started getting into chick singers. Tori Amos, Juliana Hatfield (!!), Aimee Mann (!!), Jennifer Trynin, the Sundays, stuff like that. Don't really know why, other than reading an article in Tower Records' rag (forget the name) and they had a blurb about Juliana's first solo record, Hey Babe.

I got that CD and really dug it. Here was a chick playing bass and singing in a voice that I just loved. And the songs weren't bad either. (Incidentally, Jules' new CD Made in China was released yesterday. Normally, I buy on first day for her, but in this case, ordered directly from her site to get her some $$$ lovin.)

College also exposed me to the Seattle Scene (tm). Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Temple of the Dog (!!), Nirvana. I had Ten before PJ blew up. It didn't do much for me at the time. But it grew on me and pretty soon, I had a PJ woody. Not on a Rush level, but I really liked them, especially the whole Eddie V. thing. Loved him on the MTV specials too. What passion! Of the other bands, I think my favorites were Soundgarden and AiC. Didn't really care for Nirvana much.

I did a little experimentation with uber-proggers Dream Theater for a bit in college. Their Images and Words CD

really hooked me in for a long time. Something about all those notes and that guy who sings like a girl struck a chord with me. :)


When I got out of college I played in some bands (and continue to do so). As to what I was listening to, I can't really say (actually, the Tea Party and Helmet come to mind...). I continued my love affair with all things Hatfield and Mann, as well as Rush. In fact, I think it's safe to say that through the years, those 3 artists are what I've listened to the most. Then, in the winter of 2003-4, I was hit upside the face with this:

A song called Time Is Running Out by a little English band called Muse. First I thought the song was by Incubus as there was some falsetto singing and, at the time, Incubus had a song with falsetto in it. As I heard TIRO more and more, I finally caught the name of the band (Muse) and off I went. I bought their first CD, Showbiz, then Absolution, when it was released state-side. Then, through eBay, imported Origin of Symmetry, as well as their DVD release Hullaballoo, even going as far as to buy a region-free player to play it.

So in addition to my Rush, Aimee, Jules fascination, you can add Muse to the mix.


These days, I'm trying to listen to a lot of stuff. I've recently gotten into Coldplay (X&Y is fantastic!), the Donnas, Keane, Weezer (!!!!!!), the Darkness, Audioslave (Out of Exile is great!), Starsailor, Matthew Sweet.

Here's something someone once told me:

Without ears, there would be no music.