Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Traveling sucks

I'm typing this from our friend's kitchen in Irvine, CA. My family and I are down here because my band is playing a gig on Thursday at the legendary (?) Knitting Factory.

We spent the 3 hours before leaving for Sea Tac frantically packing. Both kids were crazy. Excited for the trip and not taking naps excited. Good times. But, we got to the airport in plenty of time. I was a bit nervous because I was bringing my bass with me, but, long story short, I wasn't asked about it at all. Carried it on, stuffed it into an overhead compartment (fit perfectly), watched some yahoo shove his suitcase on top of it (expected), and carried it off when we landed.

We originally purchased 3 tickets (me, Marci and Haley. Riley would lap ride). At the ticket counter we asked if we could get an extra seat and they said it would be fine. So in this 737 (2 aisles, 3 seats each, total 6 seats across), we'd get the last row of seats, occupy 4 and have 2 free. They said it was no problem.

So we get on the plane first (small children rule!) and head to our seats. We get nice and comfy, get the car seat strapped in and wait. Pretty soon we see people coming down, eyeing their tickets, eyeing the seat numbers, eyeing me and saying, "I think that's my seat."


After a few minutes, we ended up having 2 other men in our row. Lucky for us, though, the flight attendants saw what was happening and made things good for us. We ended up hogging one side of the aisle and having the aisle seat on the other side. One poor dude ended on the window side of the other aisle, but he was cool about it.

As luck would have it, directly in front of where Riley sat in his car seat was this 2 year old girl who KEPT POKING HER HEAD OVER THE BACK OF THE SEAT AND STARING AT ME/RILEY/WHOMEVER WAS OVER THERE. I HATE THAT SHIT!!! Plus, to make it worse, she had snot running all down her nose. So I have this little standing, snotty brat staring at us and her dad was doing nothing about it.

Ok, he was sleeping. But I digress.

I would make eye contact with this girl and point at her to sit down. She kept looking at me and then averting her eyes. That's right. I'll kick your ass! Little by little, though, she got more and more bold and started reaching over for my son. Then Haley's hair. She was just all over. Not even the flight attendants told her to sit.

Anyway, when all was said and done, we all got here in one piece. Everyone's a bit tired, but they're all asleep now. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings.