Monday, June 18, 2007

Blogging before bed

It's Monday night and the time is right... for blogging!!

Not much new since last big update. Still sleeping with CPAP. Not sure when I'll feel well rested, though. The Dr. said that it could take weeks to months. As it is, I still feel tired in the mornings.

Ah. Muse is coming to town again. As you can see here, I saw them last October at the Paramount. Great show, great venue, way to frickin' loud!! This time 'round they're coming to KeyArena. I think Seattle supports Muse quite well, but 15k well? We'll see. And, sadly, I think I'll be going stag to the show. Going to shows solo is lame, but when your taste is as exquisite as mine, it's hard to find someone that is as exquisite to go with. Or something like that.

Haven't rehearsed or played with the Lunds since our last show at the 4th Ave a few weeks ago. Due to health reasons in one way or another, plus since our rehearsal space (Chris' house) is going under a remodel, we've been laying low for awhile. Nevertheless, I have 12 or so songs from Sean to learn for recording and possibly 6 to 7 from Chris to learn. As of now, we don't have any shows until August, though we were offered one in mid-July at the Sunset. I'll try pounding the pavement (re: emailing) tomorrow to see about hooking up some shows. I need to RAWK OUT11!!!1!

This weekend my old guitarist/singer Johnny was in town for his annual Seattle visit. He moved to Prescott, AZ a few years ago and since then, for reasons unknown, he and I got closer than we ever were when we were in a band together. We call each other a few times a month and chat about music as well as his upcoming baby boy.

Anyway, I headed up to Shoreline yet again (Sean recorded his drum tracks at London Bridge up there a few weeks ago) to meet at Johnny's BFF Fred's house. The whole gang was there, sans one (glares at Rob). Let's see. Nelson, the last drummer I played with prior to joining the Lunds was there. B$ (Brett), former Starchief guitarist and singer was there as well. Evidently he's joining the new parent parade as his girlfriend is preggers as well. I also saw the aforementioned Fred (nice new digs), Steve and Michelle from Upwell and various other people who all know Johnny in one way or another.

It was quite nice to see everyone. There was a little music discussion, but most of it was focused on quite domestic things like kids, remodels, weather, etc, etc. I stayed way too late, but it had been 2 years + since I'd seen J-Low and the others and it was great to be there with them.

Father's Day came and went yesterday. I got a bunch of clothes (much needed!) and we did some lunching and goofing with the kids. Random holidays like that are fun. I know it's a "Hallmark" holiday, but it's cool to get stuff and props for just being something that you'd be anyway. Does that make sense?

Well, it's time to go. I see some sort of bug crawling on the floor and I think I will go kill it now. If I can find it, that is.

edit: ants are hearty mfs. I hit him with my shoe, he went away. I went to get a tissue to toss him out and he's gone. Grr.