Thursday, June 28, 2007

Other stuff

It's muggy out. I can't stand it. Plus, it's summer, right? Where's the Hottness?? I'm tired of wearing short sleeves, only to freeze my ass off in the morning.

So what's new? Can't say a lot. Lund Bros. is still on hiatus, though we have a few gigs booked. I'm guessing we'll be practicing next week or the following as it's been since May 12th that we last played. I suppose I should call/email the guys to see how they're doing.

Haley and Riley started swim classes this week. The pool is outdoors and the poor kids freeze their buns off in the pool. It simply hasn't been warm enough yet for the pool and swimmers to really enjoy things. H&R don't seem to care, though. They've taken to lessons quite well. I guess they jumped off the diving board today! Haley's gone from being aquaphobic to going underwater. Pretty cool. Riley seems to be fearless. I think he just doesn't know any better. Once he nearly drowns, he'll start respecting/fearing the water some, I think.

Did I mention I've been working out a little (emphasis on "a little")? I've been to the club only twice a week the past two weeks and only once this week. With Marci's work schedule and evening events, getting to the gym has been tough. And though I could go in the early AM, I say, screw that noise! AM workouts = for the birds. I prefer going either after work or after the kids are asleep. I've been running :30 on the treadmill (2 miles) as well as lifting weights. At home I've been doing sit-ups and push-ups. I am not buff, but I'm feeling good about me-self.

I'm so awesome!

Oh. I went to the Mariners' game on Monday against Boston. That was a good time. Haven't been to a game in ages and got to see the M's smoke the Sox. Those guys have been playing some good ball recently. I hope they continue to kick ass and make the summer interesting from a sports standpoint.

I suppose that's it for now. Almost weekend! Yippee!!