Thursday, July 05, 2007


I came home tonight and the kids were asleep. I checked on them and all was good. On Haley's doorknob, she'd hung a wooden do-not-disturb type sign, only decorated, and not saying do-not-disturb. So it got me thinking that just for a day, I'd love to hear how her brain works.

As in, what stuff does a 5 year old think about?

For example, why did she hang the sign on her door? It doesn't say anything. It's just decorated with colors and shapes. Quite random, I might add. But what made her want to do that after it hadn't been on her door?

I gave her Jell-o as a dessert after lunch today. As I was in the other room, she kept telling me how she loved to mix up her Jell-o. She stirred and stirred and got it all over the place. She was so excited to have Jell-o. It's a food you eat and can play with! Again, I wish I could hear her little brain and its thoughts.

Earlier this morning (I'm going backwards in time!!!) I dropped her off at her sports camp. The kids were in two lines, doing the old put-the-head-on-the-baseball-bat-and-spin-and-run-like-hell game. So she got in line, spun, ran like hell and I laughed cause it was




Tiny little Haley sprinting (ok, pistoning her arms, feet kind of gracefully gliding, believe it or not, and hair flying) down the gym, going around a cone and running back with a big goofy smile on her face. What's running through her head then? It wasn't a race, it was just running and following directions. And she did a great job and I loved it!

Sometimes I think it would be fun to be a fly on the wall when she's away from me and Marci. She tends to be a chatterbox at home and I think at school as well. That girl won't stop talking and, as tiring as it can be, it just cracks me up sometimes the things she comes up with.

Today she saw a commercial for a place called Dino Town. Apparently it's a town with dinosaurs. She made sure to tell me that if I wanted more info about it I could find it on PBS Kids (tv station) and that Dino Town wasn't as far away as I thought. So tonight I looked 'em up on the internet. Turns out Dino Town is in British Columbia. There was a short video on their website so I checked that out. Pretty low rent production. Makes Chuck E. Cheese look like Disneyland. And the tag at the end of the video? "It's not as far as you think!"

After hearing Haley tell me that and then seeing it on the video, it cracked me up. She's starting to be a little parrot about things like that. Me and Marci are going to have to really monitor her now, as well as watch what we say these days. No more F bombs, I guess...

Anything else? Not really. Missing playing music. Playing church tunes just don't cut it. But, things should change soon. We do have a gig this month so I know we'll hook up at least once. I heard from Sean that Chris doesn't think we'll be able to rehearse anytime soon as our space (re: Chris' basement) is undergoing some remodeling.

Speaking of Sean, I should be seeing him tomorrow for some studio time. He's recording some acoustic guitar stuff at London Bridge and I plan on being there tomorrow night for some of it.

Looks like summer is finally here. We have (counting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) 7 fans going, plus a portable AC unit. And this is all for 85 degrees. What are we going to do when it hits 90 or so in August??? Oh, the madness!!