Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who the hell are you people?

I don't get many clicks here. Maybe 25-30 a week. And even then, I'm not even sure how to interpret that.

Do 30 people check my blog? Do they count the times I check it? I'm dumb!

So I goofed around on Sitemeter, which is the hit counter I use. It doesn't have mad numbers, as in tons of views, which is fine. I don't expect that. After all, I'm just a dude rambling on about my life and, honestly, I can't find that anyone else would find this terribly interesting.

However, in snooping around Sitemeter, it's apparent that people from Around the World check my site.

Now, some are probably random hits, as you can click at the top of each blog for random blog. Some are probably me checking things out. But definitely some are repeat business. For example, I keep seeing a viewer originating from Kalispell, Montana. I don't think I know anyone from Montana. Not that you're not welcome, but if for some reason you read my blog because you like what I do, or maybe you're morbidly curious, I thank you.

Heck, I have viewers from Oregon, France, Holland, Montana, Ontario, New York, California, Germany, Spain, Michigan, Italy, Singapore, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Virginia, Ohio, Alberta, Texas, Belgium, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana and India.

So. Who are you people? Leave me a comment and say hi! Or, keep reading. I don't mind.