Monday, July 16, 2007

Cat, exit bag

Not that there's a big secret or anything. I haven't given any clues and the faithful readers of this sorry excuse of a blog probably have no idea what's going on.

Well, it's time to spill the beans.

I am actually a woman.

Uh, no. The real news is that I'm joining another band. (gasps heard everywhere!)

I was taking a shower a few weeks ago (I do a lot of heavy thinking in the shower) and decided that I needed another band to play in. As much as I love my current gig with the Lunds, I figured why shouldn't I branch out a little. After all, with Chris and Sean, even when things are cooking, we only meet a few times a month. Most recently, the last time I played with the both of them was our last gig at the 4th Ave just over 2 months ago.

So I looked a little at the Stranger's Musician Wanted ads. I didn't want to go through tons of auditions and, to tell the truth, didn't see any cool looking ads anyway.

Then I remembered an email exchange I had with a local guy who does powerpop band blogs. He came and saw us in January at the Tractor and we'd kept in touch, specifically with me sending him pictures and show reviews of ours.

In one email he had mentioned how his band was looking for a bassist. At the time, I took it as just playful banter and left it at that. When I decided to look around a bit, I remembered his email and sent him an "I'm interested" note.

Well, as it turned out, Gary (the blogger), had just filled the position for bass in his band. So it wasn't meant to be. I told him to keep in touch anyway and left it at that.

A few days later I got another email from Gary saying that the other bassist decided to bail out and that if I was still interested, that I could come check them out. I outlined my criteria (still in other band, no more than 1 rehearsal a week, etc) and made a date to meet them.

So the band I was checking out was called the Scheme. Not a huge fan of the name, but the music is quite cool. It's very pop, a little singer/songwriter-y and very melodic. Not as heavy as Lund Bros. can be, but based on the recordings at and the CD I was given, every bit as musical and talented.

Turns out, the Scheme is an offshoot of a band called the Pills, that David, the lead singer/guitarist, led back in Boston several years ago. He moved to Seattle about 3 years ago or so and started putting together a band. Gary was on bass and a guy named Chris was on drums. Now Chris is moving onto other projects and Gary wants to play guitar. Enter myself and Gregg on drums.

We've had 2 rehearsals and it's gone pretty well. Currently I know about 5 songs but no vocals yet. There are shows on the horizon but as far as I know, it's gonna be David, Chris and Gary. Not sure when me and Gregg will be joining them, but it's probably not until we learn 10 or so songs.

So now, I'm in two pop bands. One is kick-ass (LB) and the other has the potential to kick-ass as well. Let's see how this works.