Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tonight at the Sunset

2 months and 10 days. That's how long it's been since the Lund Bros. have played together. Since then, all of the following things have happened to members of this band (in no particular order):
  • a family member had open-heart surgery
  • a room in a home had been remodeled
  • a particular nasty flare-up of a chronic disease that required surgery
  • a new CD was started as tracks were recorded for future release
  • a second band was added to the mix
So it's been an eventful hiatus, I'd say.

I showed up at the Sunset at about 4:15. We were slated to go second (per Jenny's myspace note to me), but turns out we got third slot, which was actually fine. Sean was there already and we had some friends (Rusty, Scott, Carmella and others) show up to see us. Sean had a female companion show up later, so it was all good.

Prior to the show, I'd listened to the 3 other bands on the bill and figured it'd be weird night with our powerpop stylings, Ape City R&B's White Stripes style garage rock, the Coloffs straight-ahead indie rock, and Bug Nasties' psychadelic 60's rock. Was that how it went down? Keep reading and find out.

First up was the Coloffs, a three piece with some tasty gear. Ampeg 4x10 and 1x18 powering a Fender J, a vintage Ludwig kit with 26"(!) kick, and some sort of vintage Gibson on guitar. The guitarist had a total Iggy Pop thing going on, mixed with a flair reminiscent of Chris' playing style. They were solid, but completely forgettable. Nothing really stood out about them.

Ape City R&B followed the Coloffs. You had guitar, you had drums. The guitarist/singer was a giant of a man. Very large, black glasses, a mop of black hair and tattoos all up and down his arms. He played a Fender Jaguar and pretty much power chorded his way through the set. They did the garage thing quite well, but, it's not my cup 'o tea and, well, I liked it better when the White Stripes did it first. Better riffing. But, I digress.

We went on next and for the first time in 2+ months? It was fun! Super hot on stage, especially with all the damn humidity lately. Add in the stage lights which happen to be on the side I usually play on and you get some hot temps.

With our recent downtime, I've spent a lot of time tweaking my gear and figuring out how my bass, pedals and amp work together. I've figured something out finally and took the Sterling and thought I had a really great sound. It cut, was mid-sy and also had that all-important booty shakin' bottom.

We played the same set as last time and, save for a couple errors here and there, I played and sang pretty well. Sean had some equipment difficulties (a sliding kick-drum, a fragged-out mic cable), but played a solid show overall. Chris seemed to have some voice issues hitting the high notes, as well as some chording issues on the guitar, but we'll chalk that up to his Real Life being quite busy lately.

The crowd was decent for a Sunday and they wanted us to continue playing, but, alas, the sound guy had other ideas. He let us do No Matter What, then we packed things up. It was fantastic to play and knock the dust off. We'll be on again a week from Monday for rehearsal, and then again on 8/10 to play with Llama and PLFC. That should be a great night for us.

The Bug Nasties were last and, as mentioned, they did the 60's psychedelic thing. They were very good at it, but it was quite loud and we were quite hungry, so we hit it for the Lock and Keel for some much needed adult beverages and some chow.

Sadly, we didn't make any bucks tonight, so, once again, the music was free.

Next up: 8/10 at the Rendezvous.