Sunday, July 15, 2007


I think my picture posts aren't always working. *shrug*

Seems like the weather is cooling down finally. Still hasn't kept us from using our fans at home. We've gone insane with the fans. Our house faces west and from about 3:00pm on, we get full-on sun until it goes down. Ugh.

Had a terrible day and a half with the kids. Seems like all they do is fight, complain, demand and not listen. Not only are Marci in therapy, but Riley has 4 (4!) therapists that he sees on a weekly basis for issues with speech, motor skills, eating, and sensory development. It's pretty exhausting. What sucks, though, is it seems like nothing's working. He's regressed recently to where when I ask him something that I know he understands, he just dumbly stares at me until I do something. If I walk away, he freaks out. If I pursue the matter, he freaks out. It's really aggravating.

In one of the few moments of fun yesterday, we took the kids to the old K-mart parking lot off 148th for the yearly visit from the Funtastic crew. It was about 85 degrees out, muggy and no wind. Gooood times. Plus, for whatever reason, this little pseudo-carnival seems to bring out a Jerry Springer type of crowd, if you know what I mean. So I plopped down $20 for 40 tickets. Each ride runs anywhere from 5 to 6 tickets, so with Haley and Riley, they each got about 3 rides. As expensive as it was, I kept telling Marci that it was a piddly $20 for a lifetime's worth of memories.

Har har har.

Actually, it was kind of fun. Even though we as adults know how skanky that type of fair/carny is, the kids have no clue and that's what makes it cool.

Looks like I have a gig next Sunday at the Sunset. It'll be us and a bunch of garage bands, I think. I have no idea who else is on the bill. We're tentatively setting up a mid-August show with Llama, but I'm waiting on Chris to see if he's in. Speaking of Chris, I gotta send him an email.