Sunday, June 03, 2007

super duper late why am i still up update

Because I've been messing around with Audacity, recording bass tracks to Sean's drum tracks! Just to see if I could, I set up a little mixer I had, plugged my bass into my DI and ran everything into my computer.

It worked! So cool! Unfortunately, I cannot share the music as I've been specifically told not to. It's in rough form now, anyway. Once we're done, you can buy a CD at a show! So that was fun.

Today we had a garage sale. Our neighborhood has been under siege lately by estate sale fanatics. Our across-the-cul-de-sac neighbors have moved to an assisted living home and this weekend and 2 weekends ago they held the Mother of All Estate Sales. We had cars lined up in front of their house at 7:00am for a 10:00am opening. Today was insane. People all day long, 2 car accidents, one police showing, so much wackiness. And lots of old people.

I'll put up some pix tomorrow from the trusty ol' cellphone. But for now, it's bedtime. Good ol' CPAP, here I come!