Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New songs and nothing really interesting

  • I received a CD in the mail from Chris today. 10 new songs! Well, new to me anyway. So far I really like what I'm hearing. The plan is to have me play on a handful of the songs and put out a new Lund Bros. CD. Unfortunately, Chris has some things going on right now that will keep us from the studio anytime soon, but it's never too early to learn new tunes!!
  • I didn't do any recording tonight. Instead, Marci and I watched Food Network's show about their new star. I got roped in and, though I know next to nothing about cooking, I enjoyed the show. There was a dude from Seattle on the show (Lake Forest Park, I guess), and

    *SPOILER ALERT* (like anyone cares!!)

    he was the first dude booted.

  • The best show on TV that no one is watching is showing repeats on Sunday nights at 9. Why, it's Friday Night Lights! Do check it out!

  • We sold my downstairs couch last week at our garage sale. Marci wants to get a sofa bed for when her parents come to town. Lucky me! So, I guess I'm on the lookout for a sofa bed. I hate moving those things. Anyone have any leads??? NO SPAM!
I'm tired. See you soon.