Monday, May 19, 2008

Last Thursday at the Sunset

I played a show at the Sunset on Thursday and that went well, but could've went a lot better. I'd asked the Sportsmen to play with us, then put a feeler out at the Sunset. Michael, the booker, put us on a bill with Thee Sgt. Major III, who we've played with before, so all in all, it was a great bill. We were totally excited to play, then, the night before, I got an email from Chris saying he had a really bad sore throat and might have to cancel.


Day of show, after some hand wringing, Chris decided to give it a go. He and Sean made the 40 mile trek from the City of Destiny. Though Ballard was hoppin' at 9 pm, the Sunset was a little deserted. As we got on stage, though, a few people made their way in. Chris was definitely feeling poorly, but we did the best we could. We ended up doing 5 of Sean's songs, and then one of Chris' at the end. It was weird to be up there and not be full strength, but, according to the throngs of adoring fans, we sounded pretty good. I felt really bad for Chris; I've never had to front a band, but I have felt bad when I haven't been able to perform my best (usually due to me stinking up the joint, not due to illness). Chris clearly felt bad but he did pretty well, considering the circumstances.

Next up was the Sportsmen and they proceeded to hand us our collective lunches, though what we had must have been contagious. Ryan busted a string, so he went to guitar 2. Shortly thereafter, Wesley busted a string and, that was it. No more guitars. But, after a short delay, Wesley strung up Ryan's guitar 1 and the show continued without a hitch. Once again, a stellar set by the YS.

TSMIII followed and they KILLED. They've got a killer band, with Jim Sangster on twelve (12!!) string bass, Mike Musberger on drums, and Kurt Bloch on guitar. Fronting the guys were Leslie Beattie and Bill (don't know his last name) and all together, they had so much charisma, energy and attitude that it blew me away.

Leslie used to front a little jangle-pop band named Cantona that I'd played with before. They didn't do a whole lot for me (think the Sundays), but TSMIII? She was GREAT. Pair her up with Bill and they just owned the small stage at the Sunset. With Kurt hopping around and the entire band's interplay with each other, it was fantastic. These guys are a true rock band and they are not to be missed. With any luck, we'll be playing with them again soon.

Next up: recording!