Saturday, May 03, 2008

May is exciting for many reasons

This is gonna be a fun month. We're going to have better weather (hopefully). We're having some great gigs. We're celebrating a birthday (Marci's), and Mother's Day (also Marci). Rush is coming to town (I'm not going this time) and...






Check out the new trailer (with trademark punch sounds, a little campiness, and a lot of VINTAGE INDY ACTION!) at the official website: Indiana Jones Is My Hero.

The sad thing with IJ4 is all the merchandising tie-ins. I've seen M&Ms, of all things, as well as the obligatory video games and toys (Lego Indiana Jones will be great!). We were at the mall today and there were some cool IJ shirts at Gap Kids, of all places. Little Riley sized shirts with images from Temple of Doom, as well as the IJ logo. They were cool, but not for $22.50.

Oh yeah! I bought a bass on Ebay the other day. I've been checking out the G&L SB-2 Tributes, which are the non-American versions of the bass I got last summer. The Tribbys are, for the money, really superb basses. The trouble is, there are only two colors: red and black. The red comes with a white pearloid pick guard. The black has a black p/g.

I had my eye on a red one that was used. It was listed at $375 and I thought I'd pull the trigger on that, as the new Tributes go for $449 or so. As I looked more, I saw that there's a dealer in MA that sells the black and red ones for $449 shipped. Then, after further investigation, I saw that they were $449 shipped with a Buy It Now or Best Offer tag. I saw that someone had offered him $315 for the $449 bass and he accepted it.

Trouble was, it was for the black one I coveted. I wasn't too interested in the red one. But, apparently, this guy in MA has a ton of them because the next day, there was another black one for sale. I offered him $315 and a few hours later, it was mine.

It's gonna look something like this and I should have it next Friday!