Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy weekend over. Boring family stuff.

Let's see. Over the course of our early Memorial Day weekend I did the following in no particular order:
  • mow the lawn
  • see Cirque du Soleil
  • see Indiana Jones again
  • visit with my brother who has been working/living in Ireland for the past 8 months
  • see my parents who were in China for the past month
  • go to lunch with my parents
  • go to dinner with Marci w/o kids
  • get a haircut
  • play bass at church
  • drink soda
It was pretty eventful, I suppose. We started out Saturday with some long overdue haircuts. I went with a little more off everything as it'll grow back and it was a little shaggy anyway.

Later that day it was off to Cirque du Soleil, VIP style, baby! Marci got this hot little v-neck dress and it was o so yummy! We parked, got there a little later than we would've liked, but still got to hang out in the Tapis Rouge (VIP) tent. Unfortunately we missed some of the delicious snack foods they offered. Serves us right for being late.

Anyway, the show itself was pretty dang cool. We had trampolines, robots, tightrope walking, hula hoop juggling (my second favorite), little people attached to huge helium balloons, see-saws, and various other acts. My favorite was of a man and woman (ripped, of course), hanging from two 2" straps that dangled from the top of the tent. They did some amazing contortions and movements, etc, and would've made for a great finale. Instead, the finale consisted of a bunch of guys doing turns and flips on what amounted to a simple horizontal bar. A little anticlimactic, but still cool nonetheless.

After that, Marci and I headed over to I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue for some much needed adult time and food. She ordered the sake sampler and I gave it a shot. Needless to say, it was pretty gross and for all you alcohol drinkers out there, I have no idea how you do it. And to boot, Marci basically drank the whole thing (three "finger" glasses of three types of sake) and was scooting along just fine. Makes me wonder what it'd take to get that woman drunk.

We went home and relieved my bro and s.i.l. from watching the kids. Haley was out and Riley was up all hyped up about spending the day with his aunt and uncle at the zoo. He wouldn't stop jibber-jabbering about it and ended up staying up way late (10 or so).

The following day we did the church thing. I played bass and it wasn't bad, considering we had no drummer. From there it was off to my parents' house to make sure things were in order as they were returning from a month long sojourn to China. Aside from a failed refrigerator and a dead mouse in the toilet (Year of the Rat, my dad said. "It's good luck!") the house survived, I suppose.

Later that afternoon, my brother Dung (it means East in Chinese), showed up. He's been working for Microsoft and for the past 8 months, he and his family have been living in Ireland, working abroad. He ended up having dinner with us, then joining Riley and I for some much deserved ice cream (story for another post), then hanging out at our house for a bit.

Shortly thereafter, my parents arrived from China and were picked up by Knight and Shannon. My folks were hungry and wanted dinner so Dung and I ended up meeting all of them at a local Chinese restaurant. It was cool to get the band together, so to speak. Fun to ask Dung about European living. Great to see my parents. Just fun to hang.

On Monday we ended up meeting my folks and Dung for lunch. Chinese again, of course. Then the parents wanted to take everyone shopping. Dung needed to pick up clothes for his wife and kids so he hit Sears and we all tagged along. Dad had me take him to Home Depot where he bought a new fridge. He then took us to ice cream. We had a grand time.

I rounded up the weekend by seeing Indiana Jones again. Sadly, it wasn't that great the second time around either.