Monday, June 02, 2008

Where is my warmth? And Riley and Bugs.

I am tired of being cold when it should be warm. We have had a handful of really awesome days, but recently? Give me a break. I think our heat kicked on last night! Riley wore shorts and a t-shirt to bed last night and woke up with blue lips and frozen snot in his nose.

Not really.

Speaking of Riley, in my last post, I mentioned something about why I took him to ice cream. Anyway, a month or so ago, Marci and the kids were out in the yard goofing around. Marci has been gardening a lot and usually the kids are out there too. Well, this one day, Marci got a little too close to a hidden bees' nest and got divebombed by one. She told the kids to run and she ran as well. She turned around to see where Riley was (Haley booked for the house) and saw him on the ground, flat on his face.

Luckily he didn't get stung, but he was quite alarmed, so she scooped him up and they all high-tailed it inside. Sometime during the ordeal, Marci got stung on the inside of her right biceps. She seemed to have a minor allergic reaction and, after some TLC from the nice old lady next door, she appeared to be fine. Riley, however, was a different story.

After the drama, it became clear that Riley was pretty nervous about going outside anymore because of bugs. He refused to go out, even with Haley. He wouldn't even go out on the deck by himself. We tried to talk to him, to give him "super powers". Heck, we even found a superhero book that came complete with a costume.

Anyway, that seemed to help him inside, but not so much outside. Nevertheless, we kept on it and, as long as we were outside, he was ok.

The other day, I did some yardwork and he ended up following me around, playing on the backyard climber, stuff like that. Afterwards, I told him what a great job he did hanging out and not being nervous about the bees, etc., so I took him to get some ice cream (peppermint, it turns out). Since then, he's been much better. He still has moments around flying bugs (freaked out yesterday when he thought a fly got in the house), but I freak out around spiders, so I guess it's ok.