Monday, June 23, 2008

Haley is going crazy

Haley is annoying the hell out of us. She's 6 and developed a terrible attitude.

Marci picked her up from school the other day and she refused to get in the car. After some back and forth, she finally relented, but proceeded to yell and talk back to my wife the whole way home. I got home just as Marci kicked Haley out of the car (about 5 houses down from home) and made her walk.

Haley, of course, freaked out, but continued to be rude by sticking out her tongue and stomping off. When we finally walked around the corner, she ran back to us, apologizing, etc.

This kind of behavior has been going on the past few weeks. She'll be fine one minute, then goes absolutely apeshit about something.

This morning she wanted to take a shower with me. I'm getting to the point where I think she's almost too old to be taking showers with Dad, so I told her that I thought she should take one by herself. She started getting all emotional saying that she'd never take a shower or bath again and then laid in bed crying. I left, telling her if she wanted to join me, she could.

After the shower, she was still crying and mad because I wouldn't let her take a shower with me. Roll Eyes

Anyway, I saw her at lunch and she was fine. I just got IM'ed by Marci apparently Haley is going bonkers again. She's saying stuff like "You hate me! You're going to put me in the garbage can! I'm NOT going to do it!"

We're not sure what to do. We tried rewarding her good behavior. We've tried spanking. We've tried taking away toys. We've tried lecturing. We've tried ignoring. What else is there that's legal?

I think some of it is transitional. She did just finish kindergarten on Friday. She's just learning how to read. She's a little nervous (though it's months away) about going into 1st grade. Her brother is growing up and becoming a nice little boy (finally!). I'm pretty sure this is a phase for her (as her eating strike was a few months ago), but nevertheless, it's infuriating and frustrating.

Our friends say their 6 y.o.s are going through it too, but that doesn't help me. Though I suppose if y'all told me that you've gone through it, I'd feel better.