Friday, June 13, 2008

Recording day

I get to go to the studio today! It'll be the first time since I've played with the Lunds that we'll all be in the studio at the same time. This time, we're recording (and in some cases, re-recording) a handful of Chris's songs. They won't make this upcoming CD, but will on our next one.

It will be nice to finally record with Sean and Chris. The previous times, mainly due to funding, we had to do it separately, in a layered process. After drums and guitar were put down, I'd go in and do bass. Sure, it's functional, but it's not my favorite way to record.

My main focus today will be to really lock in with Sean and make sure what we do is tight and vital and live. There's a lot more pressure too, because if I mess up, we'll most likely have to do another take. Though, with ProTools, we are able to punch in individually to fix errors, it's more satisfying and can sound better if it's organic and done "right" the first time.

This'll be fun. I'm excited!