Monday, June 02, 2008

Music time!

Should be a good week for music. I got my Jesus on yesterday at church, playing the Tribby (did I mention I got a new bass? Anyway, I did. It's black and it's nice). I will get some rock on tonight with the Lunds. I am looking much forward to that as it's been about 3 weeks since we've really been able to play (the 6 songs at the Sunset don't count). Plus, we need to woodshed as we're going into the studio on 6/13(!) to record some of Chris' songs.

Thursday I'll be rehearsing with the Scheme again. That's going pretty well, though we need a lead guitar to fill things out. Practicing in Bellevue is a treat, though. Damn gas prices!

And I heard today that we will be playing the High Dive in Fremont on Friday, June 20th, with the Small Change and one other band yet to be named. It hasn't been confirmed, but all signs are pointing that way.

Now, it's off to see Riley play tee-ball (and hopefully see no flying bugs!).