Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marci's Birthday

Marci's birthday was on Sunday. As is customary in American culture, any woman's birthday over 29 will forever and always be referred to as her 29th, so I guess it was Marci's 29th birthday again on Sunday.

We all had a good weekend just hanging around with each other. Saturday was amazing with the 90 degree weather. What did we do? Go to the mall, of course! Nice, cool and we determined that for Marci to fit in, she's got to slut it up a little. Show some cleavage. Wear shorter shorts. That kind of thing.

I mean, seriously! Not that I'm complaining, but some of the women at the mall looked like they belonged on the street somewhere, and I don't mean in the homeless capacity!

Anyway, Saturday was cool. The kids were good and we filled up the kiddie pool in the back yard. It was a little unsettling, however, to have such hot temps so early in the year. I like to ramp it up over the course of a few weeks, not a few days. As such, I was a whiny little bitch and just hot and sweaty all weekend.

On Marci's birthday we went to yet another mall, this time an outdoor one, to have lunch and use some gift cards she received. I ended up getting her and I tickets to see Cirque du Soleil this coming Saturday. That should be epic and I can't wait.

All in all, it was a fine weekend and I hope there are many more where those came from in the future.