Thursday, December 25, 2008


It's over!

We had a white Christmas. Snow, and lots of it. Sure, it's a pain, but there is something cool about having snow fall on Christmas day.

The kids started things off, opening their gifts at a record pace. It seemed they'd barely have one open and then want another one to open. Kind of funny, kind of annoying.

I'm trying to teach those kids patience, but I think I'm failing miserably.

After they made a huge mess of our living room, we took a break for some breakfast, then went back to the gifts for Marci and I and Ted and Judy.

As I mentioned previously, 3 of my gifts for Marci are still on their way. Due to the inclement weather and idiotic blogger, stuff just didn't make it here on time. So I told her she's getting an Extend-o-mas, which is like Hanukkah, only not.

I did Marci and everyone else the favor of putting my wants on an gift list. What a cool way to get what you want. I made a point to not look at my list after sending it out and ended up being surprised at the stuff I ended up getting. In no particular order, I received:
  • a Guitar Hero 3 X-Plorer guitar (unfortunately I don't need that and will be returning it. Marci got it because it was an incredible deal)
  • 101 Bass Tips by Gary Willis (this book by a bassist for bassists is seen as kind of a "must have" for bassists. I've looked through it and it is cool, though it isn't the Holy Grail I thought it would've been)
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson (I asked for this based on recommendation by that I would like it)
  • A Winter Haunting by Dan Simmons (I read The Terror by Simmons and loved it. Though this book and the one that follows are nothing like The Terror, I thought I'd give them a try)
  • Summer of Night by Dan Simmons (see above)
  • Burnout Paradise for Xbox 360 (I'm a sucker for driving games and, though I wouldn't buy it, I wouldn't mind having it given to me. Me and Rye played for a bit tonight [he steered, I hit the gas] and it was a lot of fun)
  • Rush Snakes & Arrows Live Bluray (those who know me know I LOVE Rush. I didn't see them this past tour, but was able to hold out for this disc. I popped it in for a few minutes tonight and it will be awesome to watch once the in-laws vacate my viewing area)
  • 4gb flash drive keychain (I wanted this to help out at work. I got tired of asking Rich to borrow his CDs and tools. I figured I'd be able to keep my own set of tools with me at all times instead)
  • BlackBerry windshield mount (I recently got a GPS puck for my BB. Trouble is, it's near impossible to drive and view my BB screen at the same time. I wanted to be able to mount my BB in my line of sight, and now I can. Thanks, Santa!)
  • Blue Old Navy shirt (I will be so hot in this)
  • Red Polo scarf (Mom gave this to me. It's nice, but short. Can't do the Oprah knot on it very well)
  • Tiny digital picture keychain viewer (Marci got it for me as a stocking stuffer. It's tiny and will hold who knows how many pictures. I hate a bulky keychain so I think I may hook it somewhere in my car or desk to keep my loved ones close at hand)
  • Coffee mug decorated by Haley and Riley (I love this. It beats what they made for Papa: a flower pot that holds pens. Though their reasoning was sound: he likes to garden. They figured he could use it to hold a plant if pens were out of the question)
I think that's my haul. All in all, I'm happy with my take. I know the kids loved what they got. Marci? Well, though she got and will get stuff, she kind of got the shaft on things. I got her some Croc-ish shoes and they were the wrong size. Ted and Judy got her some shoes and they were the wrong color. They also got her a mount for her GPS and it was the wrong one. My mom gave her a pair of gaucho pants and, not only were they ugly, they were the wrong size.

Needless to say, she's probably had better Christmases.

Overall, it was nice to just be at home, play Mousetrap with the kids, and enjoy giving and getting. And to forget about the outside world for a day. Tomorrow? Back to the stores for Marci, I'm sure.

Merry Christmas, everyone!