Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas foul-ups

I'm chalking it up to the insane weather, not my procrastination.

You see, I ordered gifts last week. Thursday, if you must know. And Friday.

Ok, so I cut it close.

Anyway, I payed for expedited shipping and the stuff got out the door on time. Trouble is, 12" of snow got in the way. So, of the three items I ordered, one will be here next Monday (oversight on my part; I thought it said it'd be here by Xmas Eve. And it did say that, if I ordered it 2 day. Oops), one is supposed to be here today, and the other, well, who knows? I contacted my inside man at UPS and he said the one that's arriving today isn' t on his truck. I'm hoping it's coming with one of the holiday helpers and should be here any moment.

That's the other problem. I ordered everything to ship to work. Trouble is, though it's clear now, how long do I stay to wait for a package that may show up after 5?

At this rate, Marci will get maybe 3 items with 3 yet to arrive. SUPER! We agreed to scale it back a little this year, but this is kind of silly.

Merry Christmas!