Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My new guilty pleasure

I was watching SNL the other night and when it was over, my TV clicked over to Palladia (HD music TV that shows videos, concerts and the like). There was this song on with 5 dudes playing a party. The guitars sounded like Queen, the chord changes sounded like 70's rock, the singer sounded like Rivers from =W=.

I watched this video and was smitten. So much so, I rewound to the beginning and saw it was a band called Rooney and a song called "I Should've Been After You". This song was superb and I started researching them.

A few days later, I have both their CDs and am enjoying them immensely. They have a major Weezer vibe, which to me, is great. The songs are super catchy. The vocals are lush and everything just flows nicely.

Did I mention the bassist is pretty good too?

Anyway, I'd seen the band's name before, but didn't ever hear any of their music. They're young (early 20s, I think), but musically, they're wise beyond their years.

Check 'em out here: www.rooney-band.com.