Sunday, December 14, 2008

One thing I can't stand about winter

It's too darn cold!

I must be getting old or something. The past few days have been pretty chilly by our standards, so much so, that I've taken to wearing a scarf inside the house! I think part of it is trying to cut back on our heating bill, so we're not cranking the heat like before, but, man! I'm sick of being cold!

The past week or so, I've been getting back in touch with my inner geek (not that I was that out of touch with him to begin with). Anyway, I got a wild hair and decided to fire up the ol' Lord of the Rings trilogy, starting with LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring.

The trouble with these movies is, at 3hrs + each, they take me a few days to get through. Even so, I find myself dozing off at points. They are a wonder to behold, though. Plus, they're keeping me from watching the latest steaming pile of crap that Netflix has delivered (though I saw it twice in the theater): Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Ugh. It pains me to even type that. I'm sure I'll pop it in sometime this week, if anything, to see how good it looks in BD, then to remember how horrible the movie was.

Though, now that I think about it, I may not have much time. Tomorrow should be Lund Bros. practice. The past few weeks have been canceled, however. Chris has been sick on both Mondays and it doesn't sound like he's had much fun. Hopefully he's feeling better and we can rock out tomorrow.

Tuesday I should be home. I'm planning to work out again. Yes, you read correctly. I worked out twice (whoa!) last week and one time the week before. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy it, when I'm not doing it, that is.

Wednesday and Thursday I'll be rehearsing with the Scheme. We have our second gig next week, on Monday (ugh). It's at the High Dive, and when you're in a "new" band like this, you gotta pay your dues. We're going to look at it as a dress rehearsal, I suppose. It'll be good to play.

Anyway, that's my schedule. Work is way slow. I heard a rumor that an ex-employee is representing himself as us, so I have to try to get to the bottom of that. Ed comes back after 2.5 weeks in Boston. Hopefully he had a good time and is ready to get back to work.

I'm about to turn in and see who the heck won Survivor. I got hooked this season and tonight's finale should be good!