Sunday, April 26, 2009

10:10PM EST end of day 3

Today was kind of back to routine, I suppose. Well, at least we got the kids in bed by 9:30. Still up, though.

Another beautiful day here. We got up around 8 and were done w/breakfast by 10 or so. We headed for the Magic Kingdom at WDW.

Well, we got there and spent about an hour in Main Street, just inside the park. We got the kids lanyards and some pins to start pin collecting. It was fun to see the kids hook up with cast members. We tried to get Rye a haircut so Marci waited with him. Hay + I took off + found Pinocchio and got some pix and an autograph.

The magic button Rye gets to wear sure is cool. It will be tough to go back in the future.

We made our way over to Fantasy Land and did the Dumbo ride, had lunch, got our stroller lost (moved), and took some more rides. (Snow White + Pooh x2)

I think my favorite thing today was meeting the Princesses + Fairies in Mickey's Toon Town. The kids all got pix + autographs with the fine, fine ladies. Riley got some serious smooches and then they met the Fairies.

From there we headed to Tomorrow Land + got to meet Buzz Lightyear and do his shooting ride (not that exciting, IMO).

We also watched the Monster's Inc comedy show. That was cute but boy am I glad we have those passes.

And what day would be complete without a meltdown by Haley? Marci wanted a hat so we got her one. Then Haley couldn't decide what she wanted. Instead, she dragged her feet and then lost out. She is unable to make decisions and it cost her again. She basically freaked out until we got on the ferry to go to the parking lot.

Things got better when we got back, but it's now the horrible bed time routine again. Riley is singing now. Not sure about Hay, but I'm gonna read now.

Tomorrow's agenda: Animal Kingdom. Wish us luck.