Friday, April 24, 2009

4/17/09 Day One

  • Shuttle Xpress limo van
  • Make a Wish credit card
  • Wendy's lunch
  • Southwest boarding - weird
  • flight to KC, then ORL
  • Kindle on board, Moving Pictures on MP3.
  • Descending into KC.
  • Kids good on first leg.
  • Read a lot.
  • DVD player wasn't charged after all. Hope it doesn't matter on 2nd leg.
  • Plane is 3 seats/side. Marci sat w/kids & I sat on other side of aisle.
  • Nothing terribly interesting to report. Some turbulence. 74 degrees @ KC.

Back in the air. Tried a sudoku puzzle + failed miserably. Some nice folks let us borrow their DVD player. They're on the way to WDW too.

I guess we landed in Kansas City, MO, not KS.

2+ more hours of this fun. Hay + Rye watching Scooby Doo. I'm going to read and we'll be there in no time. Also, why do pilots always mumble when they speak on the P.A.?


Plane descending, Riley asleep. Haley a little grouchy but hanging in.

I caught Riley picking his nose... and EATING it. It's the second time I've seen it. ICK.

Dark outside, then it's off to eat, most likely at the airport.

Finished my book "AFRAID". Pretty action packed. Someone should make a movie out of it.

I am ready to be off this plane and on with our trip. Kids are gonna be a mess, I think.

Oh well, all's well that end's well. No drama. But I am full of gas and the seats are not cloth. So I'm being polite and abstaining. But it's uncomfortable.

1am EST

We are at the villa, #284. It's pretty cool. We have a king size bed. The kids have twins in their own room, plus a giant bathroom complete with "hot pool".

They stocked the fridge with Boston Market as they knew we were getting in late. Yum.

They rented us a Toyota Camry and it's noisy.

Toll roads everywhere. It's kind of lame. It's warm + muggy and the kids may still be up right now.

Not sure what the plan is tomorrow but it should be fun!