Sunday, April 12, 2009

I turned 37 today. What did you do?

I think I'm having a pre-mid-life crisis. Is there such a thing?

I had a gig on Friday. I talked to some friends in other bands. I felt like such a crybaby telling them about what's been going on. They ask how I'm doing, I say ok. I tell them about our MAW trip coming up and why we're going. Which leads to talking about Riley's surgery. Which leads to discussing our past 6-7 months.

If I'm sick of talking about it, I'm sure you're tired of reading about it.

Anyway, I figured, they asked, I'd fill them in a little. I just don't want to come across like I'm throwing a pity party. I'm not. But, it is my/our life and that's what's going on.

So, for me, the last 7 months or so of being 36 were pretty crummy. So far, the first day of being 37 has been pretty rad. Except for the rain.

Things I've done since I turned 37:
  • played bass in church. Normally not too exciting, but today it was pretty cool. Good song choices.
  • watched Marci get dunked in a pool. Normally quite exciting, but today it was pretty awesome. It was Easter, after all.
  • dyed Easter eggs with Riley. It was his first time. Pretty fun. Haley had the dropsies. She'd be lucky if she had one uncracked egg.
  • took Riley to the doctor. As luck would have it, he has Fifths disease. It's weird. Don't ask. Nothing serious.
  • lectured Haley about eating candy. She's turning into quite the candyholic. I think she needs help.
  • had a birthday party with some friends and their family. It was quite nice of them to invite us over as all my family are either passed away or out of the country. Quite literally, my entire family is not in North America. Well, except Dad, but he's in an urn. LOL.
  • ate a steak. It was tasty. The house is still smoky.
  • did excise taxes for C&A. That was lame.
  • got my hair done. Haley likes to play hair salon with my unruly hair. Sadly (for her), I'm getting it cut tomorrow. Manageable hair, here I come!
  • opened birthday presents. I got a man purse (messenger bag), a photography book, some money, and a cool shirt from the McCaskills for helping name their baby. ;0
All in all, not a bad day. It was a nice reprieve from the job hunt/business closing. Unfortunately, I can't avoid that crap much longer. I'm going to have to hit it this week before our trip and then when I get back. I think there is an end in sight, but I'm gonna have to work at it to make it happen.

In the meantime, here's a picture of one of my new friends.