Saturday, April 04, 2009

Last night at the New Frontier Lounge!

It was an epic 3 way battle for Tacoma's affections. In one corner, it was us, the Lund Bros. In the other corner, rock heavyweights Guns and Rossetti. And in yet another corner, it was relative newcomers, the I Love Myselfs (though their collective experience probably outweighed everyones!). We all descended upon the NFL for some serious rock and shenanigans.

First up was GNR. I spoke with ex-guitarist, current bassist, Marsh Gooch, at length about his new position in the band. Apparently the ex-bassist left/moved and kind of left GNR in the lurch. Marsh took it upon himself to get a bass (offered a trade for my SB-2, black. Too bad I don't play guitar!), a rig and learn the songs. He ended up getting an Ibanez P (Destroyer?) and a sweet little (re:big) rig.

The guys took the stage and did not disappoint. Marsh's bass was aptly named as his tone did destroy. The music flowed fast and free, kind of nasty, a little naughty, definitely rocking and fists were pumping. Strangely, the boys in GNR wore matching sweater vests. It was sort of cute.

I brought my fancy new camera and took a ton of pix, almost 300, but sadly, most of them were crap. I'm learning how to use it, but what I learned last night was that this camera may suck for low light shooting. Of the 50+ pix I took of GNR, maybe 10 were worth keeping. But I digress.

Dick and co. put on a great set, though the sound was a bit weird throughout. Vocals were down and it just seemed off to my ears. Oh well, as, weird sound or not, we were up next.

After some technical difficulties (bad monitor output), we were off and running. We started off with Enjoy the Fire, from the Loser record. It's a fun little tune to start with and I felt really good about things, until I exhaled through my nose and felt a snot bubble (a little TMI here). I was able to sniff it up during the song, but it was there and it was bugging me. There was no Kleenex to be found anywhere, so I had to tough it out. Luckily, our second song was I Don't Believe in You and I don't play for the first 16 bars or so. I was able to disengage my bass, set it down, poke my head out the side load-in door, do a farmer's blow, get back on stage and continue, all without missing a note. Go me!

We continued on and I think our 4-5 consecutive weeks of rehearsal paid off. Things felt really cohesive and tight. Though there was a little hiccup in the middle of Accident, we were strong. At least I felt that way until our new cover, Flavor of the Month, by the Posies. We'd had two practices with that song. I'd worked on singing the vocals all week (backing in the verses), even busted out the keyboard to figure out the notes. Came up with a little device to remember the melody (think "Oh when the Saints" from When the Saints Come Marching In). Plus, the note I sing is the same note I play on bass. Did any of that help?


It was a train wreck vocally for me. Instrumentally a little as well, but, in the end, it was fine. It'll come together quick enough.

Oh yeah, we debuted Sean's new song, It's Okay, and that was great. No screw ups there and the people seemed to dig it. I was also able to make it through my arch-nemesis, Chris' Find the Sun, with hardly a problem. Good for me, I suppose.

Up last was the I Love Myselfs. I think they played their first show with us. Back then, it was Oly (Twink [among others]) on guitar, Heather (Riffbrokers) on bass and Jason (Small Change) on drums. I think it was the Skylark and it was pretty loose. Fast forward to last night (we'd played with them since the first time) and add Ryan (Sportsmen) on guitar and some rehearsals and you have a whole new band.

These guys were great. I think I've written about Oly before. He's big and tall and has this cool spastic stage presence. His songs are quick and to the point and just plain cool. Neal at the NFL finally dialed in the vocals (I think he did in our set too, so I hear) and it was great to hear everyone backing Oly. I've seen Ryan sing many times, but I think last night was the first time I'd heard him sing.

They did Great White Buffalo!!

All in all, it was a super night. People seemed to have a good time. I know I had fun watching and listening. And we get to do it all again next Friday at the Skylark. It'll be us, the ILMs and Throwback Suburbia from PDX. Should be a super time. Plus it's my birthday on the 12th. Buy me a drink!