Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's new?

Been spending lots of time in front of the computer at home. The past few days have been spent working on C&A taxes. I have finished them; now I just need to get the funds to pay them. Sweet!

I've been pounding pavement (ie: searching the internet/Craigslist/etc) for job listings. People ask me what I want to do. I have no clue. Selling computers isn't cutting it, that's fer sure. I've emailed and called customers and either they hate me or they are out of money or both. I don't really know. In the 2 or so weeks I've been "working", I've made 2 sales, which should pay for lunch sometime soon.

Our trip to FL was super duper. I've been posting my journal entries verbatim and, while they look good all handwritten, something gets lost in the translation to blog form. Don't know if I'll put any more up, but I may use the notes and springboard from there.

Not much else to note. I tried growing facial hair the past week but I shaved it all this morning. If I could only grow sideburns.

I'm going to bed.