Friday, March 25, 2005

25 random songs

Inspired by this over at Octopus Overlords, I humbly submit to you 25 random songs pulled from the 3,331 I have on my Rio Karma (copied and pasted from my post there).

01. arterial turns - Windowpane (ugh. a local rock band who's CD i got for free. Think drop-D tuning and lots of bad heavy rock cliches)
02. Jennifer's Jacket - The Presidents of the USA
03. Leather - Tori Amos
04. Amateur - Aimee Mann (I <3 Aimee Mann)
05. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - Coldplay
06. The Majestic Song - The Tea Party (I tried to pimp these guys before and no one cared)
07. Hide Away Today - Lund Bros. (another local band, but good. I auditioned with them on Wednesday. Went quite well. Good pop rock like Cheap Trick meets the Posies)
08. Hey Now! - Oasis
09. Heigh-Ho - Disney (I have 3 CDs of Disney tunes through the ages)
10. Flake - Upwell (another local band. Kind of prog/folky if you ask me. Awesome guitar player)
11. Original Of The Species - U2
12. Kiss Catastrophe - The Damnwells (saw them open for Juliana Hatfield last year. Good vanilla rock (think matchbox20))
13. Bobbleheads Movie - Rush (not a Rush song, but a track from a boot of their 30th anniversary tour last year. There was a segment during the show that was the 3 dudes in bobblehead form on a movie screen and this is the accompanying audio)
14. Date to Church - The Replacements (not a big fan; a friend loaned me their greatest hits collection, so sadly, I have a bunch of Replacements songs)
15. liar - Windowpane (ack! time to remove windowpane and all their lowercase spellings from my player)
16. Spanked - Van Halen (iirc, this is a terrible song)
17. Linus & Lucy - George Winston
18. Xanadu - Rush (not sure which version. Of my 3331 songs on my Karma, at least 10% are Rush songs. I know you're jealous)
19. Finding My Way - Rush
20. Hero Of The Day - Metallica
21. No One Said It Would Be Easy - Sheryl Crow (anyone see those "special" pictures of her recently? Not impressed)
22. A.D. 1928 - Styx (from Paradise Theater. The first record I ever bought was Styx's Cornerstone from a 12 LPs for .01 club. I liked the album cover. *shrug* I was 7!)
23. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - Muse (I think I'm the biggest Muse fanboy at OO)
24. Sometimes A Fantasy - Billy Joel
25. Concerning Hobbits - Howard Shore (now all I need is one of the awesome LotR .gifs floating around)