Thursday, March 24, 2005

An hour and 10 minutes later

I found myself in Tacoma. What was I doing in Tacoma? Well, finally, the day had come for me to audition for the Lund Bros. Traffic, of course, was a beyotch. It took me 30 minutes or so to get from Bellevue to Seattle, a drive that usually takes 10-15 minutes. But once on I-5, it was no sweat getting to Tacoma.

So the Lunds actually are Bros. Chris and Sean, on guitar and drums, respectively. They played together years ago in a band called Loser, then followed it up in a band called International Pop Overthrow. I'd heard of IPO, but never heard their stuff. Apparently it was quite poppy, much like the current Lund Bros. stuff.

Anyway, they had me learn 7 songs and I learned 7 songs. We started out and did one called Accident, which, surprising to me, was sung by Sean, the drummer. I didn't realize that he did lead singing as well. I never thought a drummer singing lead was that cool; then again, I've never been in a band that had a good lead-singing drummer (emphasis for you RJ). That song featured some harmonies that they wanted me to work out. I think I did pretty good for that song. Did the bass parts, sang and didn't have any major f-ups.

We continued with some other songs and worked our way down. It was a kick in the pants. At one point, Chris led us through two songs, back to back. No, "let's play Sinking," or anything like that. It was just, end one song, start the next, see if the bassist can keep up. Well, I kept up.

For whatever reason, any insecurities I may have in Real Life, kind of disappear when I have my bass on. I may not be the best bassist around, and I'm definitely not the best background singer, but, dammit, I can carry the mail. I bring it home, baby! And I think the Lunds thought so too. Unfortunately for me, they aren't the best at communicating and, though I think they'll have me back to Tacoma, probably won't let me know til next week. Looking forward to it.