Friday, March 18, 2005

Wednesday's the day

Finally! I nailed down the Lunds for next Wednesday. It's only been one and half months since we started a dialog. Sheesh. Looks like they have a bassist they've been working with on a "trial" basis. Apparently this guy is doing a decent job, but not "stellar", in their words. My thought? I got your stellar right here!

Since I've had so long to prepare for this audition, I've spent a lot of time going over the tunes. They originally wanted me to go over 4 songs, but with 3-4 weeks of prep time, we've upped that to 7 official, and whatever else I might be able to pick up. So far, they've come along nicely. It's been entertaining playing along with the CDs. Can't wait to play in person.

Next week is shaping up to be pretty busy. I have StarChief rehearsal on Monday. We're planning on doing 20 or so songs for two gigs we have coming up. Doing a handful of covers, too. It's been really fun, actually. Nelson seems to have turned a corner. He was thinking of jumping ship, and now he seems to be really on board. SC as a trio doesn't seem to be such a bad thing after all.

On Wednesday I'll be heading to Tacoma. I Mapquested the info and it's 39 miles from my house. South Tacoma. Sheesh. Did I mention they wanted me there at 7:30pm? Can you say Rush Hour? Ugh.

Then, Saturday, SC is playing a gig at one of Brett's friend's house. Some sort of going away party. Should be off the heezy fo' sheezy. It'll be nice to play in front of some people for a change.

The last time we played was for another friend of Brett's. We played at Brett's work (the Flying Pig in Everett) for his friend's bachelor party. Sadly, it was a pretty gay bachelor party. As in a sausage fest. As in, no ladies. Well, there was one lady there; the groom dressed as a hot, hot blonde. Anyway, we played in the conference area of the restaurant (downstairs) and it was, for me, pretty uncomfortable. For one, there was no stage, and having played over the course of my illustrious career on stages, not having a stage changed the dynamic. I was at eye-level with these dudes, and it was weird. Plus, we didn't have monitor speakers, so anything I sang (poorly, I might add), was broadcast out, instead of back to me, so I had no real point of reference. Monitors are your friend.

The gig we're doing next Saturday is a house party, so, inherently, it'll be pretty lame. Luckily, though, the man of honor knows a TON of people, so the lameness of the party should be less because of it. After all, we all know that:

Lots of people (re: hot babez) > lameness of house party

Then there's this rule, which states:

Lots of people (re: hot babez) + free-flowing alchohol > lameness of house party

But, you add a loud rock band, and you get the following rule:

Lots of people (re: hot babesz) + free-flowing alcohol + StarChief = Police shutdown?

I guess we'll see what happens.