Thursday, March 03, 2005

Uh oh

So I was gonna crack open the good ol' diary and relive some of the junk I wrote about. Maybe put some, word for word, on the good ol' blog.

I grab the diary and notice it's closed. I try to open it and the sucker is locked! Anyone know how to crack a diary lock?

Actually, I'll probably take a saw to the latch later. Then again, is it really that important??

In other news:

Nothing from the Lund Bros. yet. Still waiting for them to get back from New Orleans. I keep checking my email and nada. I can't help but feel like the lonely girl at home on Saturday night, waiting for the phone to ring... I hope to find out about an audition time tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

Coming down with something, I think. Eyes burning, coughing a lot. Phlegmy in the mornings. Just feeling a bit run down. Not sure what it is, but it's lame. Been using the massage beds a lot and drinking a lot of juice.

I recently signed up to be a Xango distributor. What's Xango? Go here to find out more.

Back with more later.