Monday, August 27, 2007

Friday at the 4th Ave

Yet another trip to our state capitol for some rock. This time was to play with Chris & Sean's friend's band, the Empty Hollow. Though on posters there, it was the Empty Hollows. And, according to their myspace bulletins, the t-shirt printers called them the Empty Hallow. Go figure.

Anyway, it was a full place (the word "club" just doesn't fit the 4th Ave). There were a lot of people there for us, as well as the EH. The joint was jumpin' and there was a lot of pleasantness to be seen.

We took the stage and as much as I've been loving my bass tone, I don't think anyone can sound good at the 4th Ave. The performance area is off to one side of the building and it's a huge room. It's boomy and it seems the soundpeople there sometimes aren't sure how to dial things in. The monitors were too loud, almost to the point of feedback and the room itself is like a cave. So that was lousy, but it didn't hinder our performance, I don't think.

We debuted 2 new songs: Empty Room (Sean's) and Nice Guys Finish Last (Chris'). It was kind of weird to play them as no one knew them but us. Afterwards, people mentioned they liked 'em, but seeing all the familiarity leave their faces was kind of interesting.

I played a pretty energetic show. I haven't been that sweaty in a long time. I felt like I'd been on the treadmill again, my hair was so soaked. Ugh. Check out the cool picture!

Next up: recording at London Bridge!

Now playing: A Perfect Circle - Crimes