Saturday, August 11, 2007

Last night at the Rendezvous

Yet another show at the 'vous, but this time, a weekend! Hallelujah! Tonight it was us, Paul Lynde Fan Club and Llama.

We played with both these bands sometime last year. October, I think, at the Sunset. It was my first exposure to both bands and I am very glad that it happened. Since then, we've become quite chummy with Llama, as well as the people connected with them.

Over the years, I've been in several bands and have always felt like I/we were on the outside looking in. After having befriended Rusty, Jim and Scott in Llama, I feel like we're finally making our way inside. By way of Llama, we've gotten to know many cool people in many cool bands, including, but not limited to, PLFC (of course), the Riffbrokers, the Small Change, Young Sportsmen, the Tripwires, Sgt. Major, and many many more. These bands and members have been very enthused for what we do and it's just gotten better and better for us.

But, as usual, I digress.

So we went first and I brought along the new #1 with a bullet, the G&L. And, as it did on Monday with the Lunds and Thursday with the Scheme, the G&L crushed again. We played our standard set, plus the new song Sugar and I couldn't have been more pleased with the tone. Our performance was pretty good too, though I had some vocal issues at times. Plus, the stage was Damn Hot. I would've worn shorts, but the indie cred side of me told me not to.

There was a good sized crowd in the Jewelbox Theater, from what I could tell. Unfortunately, when you're on stage there, it's pretty much impossible to see 10 feet away as the theater is dark and the lights are in your face. But the folks were appreciative and, as I found out after our set, really dug what we did.

After us came Paul Lynde Fan Club. Scott and Jim from Llama (and other bands, I'm sure) play drums and guitar, respectively. Lisa plays bass and, of course, she's also connected with Rusty from his days with Pure Joy (if I'm not mistaken). When we played with PLFC back last year, I remember them being more spacey, kind of meandering with their music. Unfortunately, I only caught a few songs, but what I heard was good. They seemed to have found more direction and gotten more song oriented, as opposed to the kind of droning jam they did a year ago. After further deducing, Scott admitted that the song structures and formations were mainly of his doing. And that's a good thing!

Llama closed the night, and, as usual, made it worth staying up way past my bedtime. Rusty and Scott and Jim have this magical way of playing music that makes you just want to bob your head and smile. I wouldn't say it's earth-shattering or anything, but it sure makes you feel good and is fun to listen to. Rusty has this kind of surfer, laid-back way of singing that is so cool. Scott dips in and out with tons of harmony vocals and pentatonic bass lines, and Jim just beats the hell out of his Dial-a-Fight kit much like the background music I have on right now (see below). Llama is just cool. Go see them.

As I said, the night was a grand time. I made some new friends (Greg from the Small Change, most notably) and hopefully some great future shows. When I know more, you'll know more, but (fingers crossed) it should be extra tasty and smooth.

Next up: the 4th Ave in Olympia. Stay tuned!

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